CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Tucked away on 3216 Silsby Highway in Cleveland Peak’s Cedar-Lee sits what was as soon as, many years in the past, a Cleveland Peak’s firehouse.

However now, contained in the constructing, there’s a store out of any child’s wildest desires: S’il Vous Play. The shop is the last word dream for house owners Mariah and Wesley Roj.

“We just pay really close attention to everything we bring in the store. There’s something for everyone,” mentioned Mariah Roj. “We thought that Cleveland really needed something like this.”

In 2013, Mariah and Wesley Roj went on their first ‘baby moon’ trip abroad. They walked right into a toy store that had distinctive and significant toys.

“We saw toys that we’d never seen before. We saw brands we never heard of. We were just filled with this sense of wonder, like if we were a child again,” she mentioned.

It sparked a fantasy of a future for the, on the time, a registered nurse and school professor.

“We thought ‘Oh my gosh, we need to do this someday,’’ she said.

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, seven years and three kids later, that the ‘someday’ became ‘today.’

“A lot of the local toy shops started to close and we noticed a real need in the community,” she mentioned.

“Nothing helps you think about how kids spend their time, and with what stuff, like being in the house with them for four or five months,” mentioned Wesley Roj.

Final yr, the final tenants of the firehouse left and the upstairs area and a small spot downstairs have been up for lease.

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“The tenant subsequent door was going to be opening a preschool and we thought ‘Oh my gosh, how perfect just to have this safe space for families to come and play,” said Mariah Roj.

All of the toys stocked on the shelves are ones that are meant to spark imagination. They’re toys which can be ethically made, sustainable, and ones which you can’t discover in large field shops, many are made proper right here in Ohio.

“A lot of our toys are wooden. They can be recycled and can be passed down to future generations,” she mentioned.

The couple mentioned there’s little to no branding on the merchandise.

“Toys that have more than one purpose. They can be compounded. A lot of the toys in the big box stores have an end game and then once they achieve that they get sick of that toy,” mentioned Wesley Roj.

It’s a promoting level for patrons like Kristy Clark. She drove to Cleveland Heights from Akron to go to the shop.

“I just like to support families and people that are working and not just a handful of corporations that own everything in the country,” mentioned Clark. “They have a lot of stuff I haven’t seen before.”

The shop is open from 10:00 a.m. to five:00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. To study extra about S’il Vous Play click on here.

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