The Office Funko POP! has a new batch! Mini Moments and characters from The Office Funko POP! are now available. These include iconic personalities such as Darryl, Dwight or Jim, and many others. Many are familiar with the 3.75-inch Pop! Mini Moments include furniture layouts, such as those from a TV series. As with Funko’s Seinfeld releases, there are several fun offerings to get your hands on, helping ensure every fan of The Office has a figure or set that will grab their attention. Continue reading for more information.

Funko POP! Office Funko The Office Funko POP! features characters such as Pam, Erin and Darrel.

People who would like The Office Funko POP! There are now several characters that measure 3.75 inches tall. We are particularly fond of Erin with Happy Box & Champagne; Michael Standing with Crutches; and Pam with Teapot & Note.

Mini Moments are another option. You have a variety of options from Dwight’s desk to Jim’s closed-door office. Others include Darryl with some more cozy seating, Pam’s rounded secretary setup, and Michael’s full-blown office. All of the options above feature an incredible amount of detail, which shouldn’t be a surprise given how good Funko is at this sort of thing.

Pricing and availability

Each Office Funko POP! has a different release date and price. offerings. Pricing starts at $8.99Dwight and Jim Mini Moments, along with Michael Mini Moments, will be the first units to ship as of October 28. The majority of the rest of the units will be available just before Christmas and launch is scheduled for December 18. The only exception we’re currently seeing to this is the Darrel Mini Moment which has a release date of November 4.

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Each Funko launch comes with an Amazon Pre-Order price guarantee. This ensures that you are charged only the lowest price “between the time you placed your order and the end of the day of the release date.” This is great news as we’ve actually seen new Funko offerings go on sale ahead of launch.

9to5Toys’ Take

It doesn’t matter if you want to add a little something to your desk or are an avid collector, The Office Funko POP! The latest releases are worth taking into consideration. The show’s last episode aired in May 2013. It is still very popular today. This shows how much your friends, family and coworkers will be thrilled to see these memorable characters in your space.

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