Orion Jean says he’s part of the race to kindness — and this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Jean, 10, lives in Fort Worth. He was a participant in a student kindness contest where he pitched a campaign for compassion. CBS News interviewed him and he said that kindness is a virtue. “a virtue we can all possess,”And “it’s what we need now more than ever.”Jean won the contest. He used his $500 prize to purchase a new car. toysHe donated to a Dallas children’s hospital. He partnered with a relief organization to organize food drives and distributed 100,000 meals to Texas families.

Jean, an avid reader, has moved on his next endeavor to collect books to give away to children who don’t have any at home. He has 120,000 books so far and would love to have 500,000 by August’s end. “I want to be able to share my love of literacy with as many people as possible,”He spoke to CBS News.

Jean stated that Jean is participating in “the race to kindness,”He has learned that giving back and doing good are important. “not a one-time thing, it’s not a three-time thing. It’s something that can hopefully be continued on for years and years to come.”  

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