SCOTS parents are crazy about the latest must haves fidget spinner advent calendar – even though it’s only August.

Despite Christmas being less than four and half months away, many people have already started buying them for their children. 


The advent calendar is now sold outCredit: The Little Bairns Co/Facebook
Parents must now pre-order it


Parents must pre-order itCredit: The Little Bairns Co/Facebook

The Little Bairns Co. announced on their Facebook page that the £20 calendar was all sold out at the beginning of the week. 

According to the toy shop, it has been very successful. “highly requested” “popular”Months before Christmas 

The advent calendar includes 24 different options fidget toysLeading up to Christmas Day

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The post on Facebook read: “These have been very highly requested. 

“A fantastic advent calendar for any fidgetToy fan! 24 different fidget toysIncluded to open each day from Christmas until Christmas 

“These are super popular and are sure to be a hit with your little one.”

Parents will now have to pre-order the advent calendar on the shop’s website. 

Pre-orders for the Christmas calendar will be delivered before October 29. There will still be plenty of time until the big event. 

We mentioned earlier that Mums all over the UK were coming up creative uses for their baby. fidgetPoppers in the Kitchen

Parents have made delicious chocolate bars using M&Ms, Smarties and the toy mold.

One mom shared a photo of her creation with us and wrote: “Made a giant mnm and smarties chocolate bar today using my sons big fidget popper thing.”

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