My Hero Academia still produces some great episodes for the new season. Funko continues to make Pop Vinyls from fan-favorite characters of the show. There has been a huge wave of Pops, including many highlights from the fourth season. I enjoy seeing the new My Hero Academia Pops. Season 4 was a wild ride and it’s good to see some of these exciting moments on shelves. There will be 14 new Pops. 8 of them will be available as common, while 6 of them will only be available at retailers. This is the whole new My Hero Academia Pops collection.

Infinite Deku w/ Eri
Infinite Deku w/ Eri-  10 Inch Version
Infinite Deku w/ Eri – Glow in the Dark – Funko Shop Exclusive
Eri in Red Dress – Hot Topic Exclusive
Overhaul Enhanced – Chalice Collectible Exclusive
Eijiro Kirishima Unbreakable
Eijiro Kirishima Unbreakable – Metallic Variant – GameStop Exclusive
Shoto Aizawa in Sleeping Bag – FYE Exclusive
Mirio Togata aka Lemillion
Tamaki Amajiki aka Suneater
Sir Nighteye
Ryuko Tatsuma
Himiko Toga Pop Tee Bundle – GameStop Exclusive

Many My Hero Academia characters have their Pop debuts, including Sir Nighteye and Suneater, Ryuko, Eri, and Ryuko. This collection of Funko collectibles is a great one. I cannot wait to get each one for my collection. It is surprising that Funko continues to create new characters rather than finishing Class 1-A. There are many. kidsWho have yet to see their Pop. Grape Juice and Hagakure, Aoyama and Shouji, Sero Ojire, Kouda, Sugarman, and Sero are still possible. My Hero Academia is easily the most popular anime of all time, and anime popularity has increased dramatically over the years. Get all the Pops you can while you have them, and keep your eyes open for new retailers.

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