Take your shopping bag with you. kidsIt can be frustrating because they may not want to spend the time with you, or they want to sell everything right there.

This mom found the perfect way to let their child know they want the toy but not cause a tantrum by refusing to buy it.


One mom shares her secret to avoiding tantrums in the grocery storeCredit: TikTok/nicdimarco
She suggested validating your child's interest on the toy


She recommended validating your child’s interest in the toy.Credit: TikTok/nicdimarco

Nicole DiMarco, mom and psychologist, shared her experience in a video. She said that when she sees her children at the store and asks them for a toy she will simply tell them Santa Clause will get it.

She claimed that she was the first. “validates their interest in the toy”Before you snap a photo of them holding the toy.

She will show them the photo so that they don’t believe she is fooling them.

She will then “text”Santa Clause wanted to know that the children want this toy. But in reality, she’s just putting it into a photo folder so they can see what she has to get them for holidays, birthdays, or big celebrations.

Many parents praised her genius idea in the video’s comment section, but one wanted to know why it wasn’t enough.

She assured her that she would tell them. kidsIf it’s appropriate, yes. However, expressing their interest in the toy will allow them to feel validated and not dismissed.

Another mom showed her pride in stopping her son’s meltdowns in the grocery store if he doesn’t get what he wants.

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Amanda Bouldin, Tiktok’s star, said that it was all about convincing them they are in control.

She shared that it is a great idea to invite them to make their own lists and name a favorite treat that they would like to add to the shopping basket.

“The list allows them to feel heard by picking an item – [they’ll] feel grown up and a part of making decisions,”She revealed.

“It also shows them I have to follow a list and it’s hard for me too!”

Amanda actually chuckled that Amanda and I have more in common than we think. kidsWe think more in this regard than we realize.

“Can we just be honest for a second – how many times have you been in [the supermarket] with a list of what you were supposed to get and then walked out with other things?”She was challenged.

“It’s natural – we do it [and our kids] want it too – it just looks different.”

Encouragement kids to make a list alongside you helps to hone emerging skills of focus and discipline – and it also engages their logical brain, to prevent them from getting over-emotional, irrational, and vulnerable to having another tantrum.

“We can look but we’re only getting what’s on our list because that’s what we need – if we find something else we have to add it to a list for another time or an upcoming occasion,”She rationalized.

Children feel like they are contributing to the list-making process. “purpose”They are being invited to an adult activity and will likely give their best efforts to helping mom.

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It is also a comfort to make lists for the future. kidsWith the assurance that they will get the treat again, even if it isn’t today,

Amanda allows her children to take responsibility for their favorite purchase. “I let them grab their item. They get to put it in the cart, they get to be in charge.”

So they don’t have to sit around and wait in the supermarket. They can play a key role in helping customers.

She even mimics her kids’s behavior and then shows she understands it.

“Sometimes I’ll pick up something, [saying], “Oh, I really want it but that’s not on our list’ – it makes them feel less alone,” she explained.

The approach doesn’t eliminate tantrums completely of course – but it “helps a lot to calm them down when they’re upset.”

Amanda is not immune to cravings. Amanda may find herself in a situation where she has to give up on her desires. “small treat”It’s now time to go to the checkout

The mom then said she takes a picture of them with the toy


The mom said that she took a photo of the kids with the toy.Credit: TikTok/nicdimarco
She claims she will sent it to Santa Clause but she's really saving it for her own use later


Although she claims she will send it to Santa Clause, she is actually saving it for herself later.Credit: TikTok/nicdimarco

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