In case you were wondering, it’s less than 150 days until Christmas, and while it couldn’t feel further from the festive season, we all know it’ll be December before we know it.

The perfect selection kids’ toysThis is one of your most difficult tasks. But, courtesy JohnLewis & Partners, an Expert Panel and a group under 12s have already invested hundreds of toysTo predict what will happen, take the test 2021’s bestsellers.

After hours of playing, the retailer narrowed down the top 10 to give you some much-needed inspiration before 25 December.

It’s a pretty versatile mix too, ranging from classic wooden playsets and ChristmasFrom the Lego-themed to the more technical offerings of Scalextric or Gravi, there are many options.

Each toy on this list will be available online and in-store starting at the end of September. With this list, we’re helping you get organised ahead of the big day, as it’s never too early to start planning your ChristmasShopping. We will be grateful for your support.

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(JohnLewis & Partners

This racing set will provide hours and hours of entertainment forThey can compete with their favourite superheroes on Scalextric tracks. Designed(*) ages four and older, the cars are crash-resistant so no matter how many times they but heads racing around the winding track, they’ll still remain in good condition.for (

Lewis & PartnersJohnA classic

present is a Lego set and this festive elf clubhouse features everything from trees, presents, and workshops, along with four mini-figures, a  reindeer, and Santa’s sleigh. It’s an adorable way to keep the ChristmasMagic alive ChristmasLittle onesfor(

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Lewis & PartnersJohnWooden

Popular choice for decades toys’ at for kids. That’s partly because they are durable, have no need ChristmasBatteries allow children to engage their imagination without flashing lights or grating sound effects.forThis jigsaw train track includes a conductor, three carriages and a magnetic pulley to load the trains. It is sure to delight children for hours of fun.


Lewis & PartnersJohnThis space puzzle is both educational as well as fun. The final product will be just as enjoyable for kids as the process of putting it together. It’s a detailed guide to the planets with a 3D effect that can be handed down

Generations to come.for(

Lewis & PartnersJohnThis wooden set can be used to make a mini Waitrose version at home. It’s a great opportunity to learn the names and uses of different fruits and vegetables, which will encourage coordination. Plus, it’ll teach them to share with siblings and friends, so

can take it to be the cashier, or the

Lewis & PartnersJohnThis marble set

For those eight years and older, the track will provide hours of entertainment. Once the track is built, you will be able to race around it with sharp turns and steep drops. forHow gravity works. You can play it alone or with other people, making it as competitive as possible.for(

Lewis & PartnersJohnThis soft, sweet doll is more affordable and just as adorable.

A companion for car rides and napping with a smaller child. This gift is adorable with a matching hat and a cute star-printed gown. forYou can just unwrap and then enjoy. Parents will be happy to know that there is no need for batteries or

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Lewis & PartnersJohnFor Harry Potter fans, there’s no end to the

’ kidsYou can find it, but toys Lewis and Partners’ panel voted this better than the rest. It can be played with two or four people, and is suitable for all ages. JohnAges 10 and up. This is a great introduction for the classic board game. forIt is always a “Scrabble”Treat.ChristmasTonis soft cuddly friends hoppie Rabbit Audio Play: £29.99,


Lewis & PartnersJohnThis adorable gift is a soft, cuddly bunny and a child-friendly player.

Little ones will appreciate the simplicity of the controls and buttons. Suitable for ages three and up, it doesn’t need any batteries, simply wifi and a Toniebox (£62.95, which can be bought separately. The magnet will keep the bunny upright and will be a sweet ornament when it is not in use.for(

Lewis & PartnersJohnThis beautifully illustrated book tells of the beloved tale of the secret gardens and was created exclusively in partnership with

Lewis & Partners. Since first being published in 1911, it’s become a classic children’s book and a stalwart of English children’s literature.JohnVoucher codes

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Get the latest offers and information toys’ clothing, try the links below:kidsLego isn’t just

– these are the for kidsbest adult Lego sets For grown-upsforWho wants their nostalgia fix?IndyBest product reviews offer impartial, independent advice that you can trust. We may earn revenue if you click on the links and purchase the products. However, this does not affect our coverage. Reviews are compiled using expert opinion and real-world testing.

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