Funko Pop is teaming up with ViacomCBS for its newest “Digital Pop” NFT collectibles, with a brand new collection of blockchain-based playing cards that includes basic Star Trek characters.

Funko’s “Digital Pop” NFTs aren’t a brand new factor: they’ve been round since July, and the new Star Trek ones are simply the newest incarnation. And as is the case with the opposite Digital Pop units, sure particular uncommon NFTs playing cards will even embody a free bodily Funko Pop determine too, which is a probably good bonus.

However there’s one thing uniquely miserable about Star Trek NFTs particularly, given the utopian beliefs of the Federation and the very deliberately post-scarcity world during which the franchise is ready. Because of the ubiquity of superior expertise like replicators (devices that may immediately materialize any merchandise out of skinny air), Star Trek’s worlds (broadly) don’t revolve round cash.

NFTs, alternatively, are deliberately restricted digital objects primarily based on environmentally doubtful cryptocurrencies that create a false dichotomy of possession and shortage for the aim of attaching an artificially inflated worth — or kind of the alternative of the longer term Star Trek envisions. The complete idea feels extra just like the sort of straw man a basic Star Trek episode would arrange, with a moralizing speech about how “greed is bad… in space!” hamfistedly closing out the episode.

Or, as my colleague Adi Robertson extra put it, “Ah yes, Star Trek, the series that famously explored the concept of ‘What if computer-created items were extremely scarce and induplicable?’”

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The brand new collection of 120 digital playing cards will embody numerous characters Star Trek: The Unique Sequence, rendered in Funko’s inexplicably standard fashion, will go on sale on November thirtieth at 2PM ET. A complete of 48,000 packs of playing cards shall be offered, with 36,000 normal packs with 5 Digital Pop playing cards going for $9.99, whereas 12,000 premium packs with 15 playing cards will set you again $29.99. As with the opposite Digital Pop NFTs, you’ll have to purchase them on the app, utilizing the WAX Blockchain.

Resistance is futile.

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