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You don’t have to be disappointed by a drive-thru at Dunkin’. forThe dogs inThe car is no longer necessary, as the Dunkin’ Joy this summer replaces it inThe Original BARK Company has partnered with Childhood Foundation to produce a pair solidly dog-approved dogs. toysAccording to a news release.

The featured toysThe offer includes a Dunkin’ coffee cup with a Dunkin’ doughnut and bag, and is available nationwide while stocks last. The toysAre available inExchange forAll donations support Dunkin’ Joy inChildhood Foundation that brings happiness to kidsFighting hunger and illness

Participating restaurants will donate $12 to receive the plush Dunkin’ coffee-cup dog toy. It is crinkly, packed with squeakers, and has a tab at the top that can be lifted by parents to hide treats inside. Customers can purchase a Dunkin’ Domutt To Go 2-for $15inOne toy that parents can hide treats in. The toy includes a crinkle bag that can be used as a carry-all, along with a strawberry-frosted doughnut with extra sprinkles and squeakers.

Dog parents can purchase these limited-edition items on Aug. 26 subscribers can access the BarkBox and Super Chewer subscriptions toysAdd-toBox offers these add-ons to the monthly box.

On Aug. 4, Dunkin’ customers can bring their four-legged friends along on their Dunkin’ runs and donate $1 to the Dunkin’ Joy inChildhood Foundation and get your Cup forA four-ounce whipped chocolate delight is presented to Pup as a thank-you gift for your support inA cup, specially sized for dog snouts.

“There is a continued need to raise awareness and funding for children battling hunger or illness, and at Dunkin’ we are always looking for meaningful opportunities to support this issue,” Karen Raskopf, Dunkin’ Joy inChildhood Foundation board cochair, said inThe release. “As dogs bring us all so much joy in our lives, this BARK partnership and the one day Cup for Pup program celebrate our precious companions while providing an opportunity for our guests to help us raise significant funds for children in need.”

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Last year, the BARK and Dunkin’ collaboration raised over $1.8 million forDog foundation programs forJoy, the introduction in2018 will bring full-time service dog to children’s hospitals The Dunkin’ Joy has been a part of the Dunkin’ Joy program. inThe Childhood Foundation has supported 26 service dogs in 15 hospitals, thereby affecting hundreds of thousands of young people.

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