Disney and Lucasfilm has seemingly changed the name of Boba Fett’s iconic spaceship Slave ITo FiresprayProbably because of concerns over racial sensitivities in the current year.

The move away “Slave I”moniker was First noticedLEGO Star Wars toy enthusiasts a few month ago. A LEGO employee said that Disney had asked them to stop referring to Boba Fett’s ship as “Slave I,”Instead, they chose the generic “Boba Fett’s Starship”For a future playset.

Evidently, the term can even be used “slave”The Mouse House does not allow you to work in any capacity.

Star Wars fans have been enjoying Star Wars since then. DebateIt is unclear whether Disney and Lucasfilm were right to change the name of the ship in order to appeal to current year sensibilities or if this was an extreme overreaction.

Star Wars fans have been told by some media outlets to ignore this. “calm the Eff down,” it would appear that Boba Fett’s ship has been renamed again, per a new comic book series called War of the Bounty Hunters.

From Star Wars fan site The Sandcrawler Blog

The LEGO box reads: “Boba Fett’s Starship” but thanks to the Star Wars comic series, we have been given a new, better name. His starship will now go by the following name: “Firespray.”

Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters is a comic series that focuses on the race to capture Han Solo for Jabba the Hutt. The series will focus on the most talented bounty hunters that money can buy. Boba is one of these bounty hunters. The comic series will feature each Bounty Hunter on the cover with their iconic ships, and in the recent press release for Villanelli’s variant covers had revealed that:

‘The War of the Bounty Hunters continues to explode across the galaxy this September! The action-packed crossover is currently unfolding across all of Marvel’Star Wars titles include ongoing Star Wars titles and a limited series called WAR OF BOUNTY HUNTERS. There are also character-focused single-shots and a main WAR of THE BOUNTYHUNTERS series. The hunt for Han Solo has brought out the underworld’s most dangerous hunters and acclaimed Star Wars artist Paolo Villanelli’s new BOUNTY HUNTER SHIP BLUEPRINT VARIANT COVERS dynamically depicts them alongside their legendary ships. The following characters and vehicles will be featured on variant covers throughout September.

  • Bossk and The Hound’s Tooth
  • Boba Fett and Firespray
  • IG-88 & IG-2000
  • Zuckuss and The Mist Hunter
  • The Broken Wing and Valance Beillet
  • Dengar and The Punishing One’

The writer notes that the name wasn’t pulled out of thin air, but rather a nod to the class of Starship Boba Fett is piloting — a Firespray-31.

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Yes, Fett pilots what is effectively outer-space. police cruiserSo called “Slave I.”

Did you ReallyYou would think that Disney was going to leave this one alone when ahref=”https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/disney-theme-parks-will-continue-to-focus-on-diversity-and-inclusion-says-josh-damaro/”>they’reGoing out of your wayTo show how inclusive and diverse they will be in 2021

Whether or not you agree with the “Firespray”It is possible that moniker is permeant, or another placeholder remains to remain. It’s possible Disney will drop a more permeant name in The Book of Boba Fettseries on Disney Plus, or simply never refer to the name the ship onscreen. Let fans use their own headcanon.

R.I.P. Slave I. Welcome “Boba Fett’s Starship.”

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