PANAMA CITY (WJHG/WECP), Fla. – Unsecured firearms in the home can pose a danger, especially for children. for children. And it’s better to be safe than be sorry. It means keeping your guns safe and secure. kids can’t accidentally get their hands on them.

“If you know you’re going to have kids in the house, secure your firearm. It’s the easiest thing you can do,” Bay County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Marc Tochterman said.

Bay County Sheriff’sDeputies stated that a safe gunAvoiding a serious accident is the best way to prevent it.

“You have to live with the fact that it was your fault that your child got hurt. And that’s something that you don’t get over. Usually a silly mistake like that, you think about it and you pay for it mentally for the rest of your life,” Lt. Tochterman said.

Florida law requires that you lock your firearm or lock it with a triggerlock if you have a loaded firearm at home. If no one is hurt or you ignore it, this is a misdemeanor.

“If somebody gets hurt, then it’s a whole other story. Then you get children and family services involved and child neglect and all kinds of charges,” Lt. Tochterman said.

Nathaniel Taylor, with C & G Sporting Goods in Panama City, said there’s no reason not to have a safetyLock.

“You don’t have to go hunting for it or buy it, it comes with your firearm because safety is paramount,”Taylor said.

They’re also easy to use. Simply thread the cord through the barrel and then turn it around to lock it.

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Deputies said that no matter how secure you are with your firearms, it is important to educate yourself. kids.

“If the kids are curious, that’s what the problem is. If they see it and they see it on the tv and they say oh this is cool, but if they know that they’re not toys then they won’t mess with them” Lt. Tochterman said.

The Bay County Sheriff’s OfficeAll its sub-stations provide free firearm locks. You can pick up as many locks as you need.

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